You could build anything as a kid if you had LEGO bricks. LEGO is not a cheap toy. If you look at the prices now, you get a bit of sticker shock. This guy takes LEGO very seriously and did an incredibly thorough analysis of LEGO prices.

If all the signs lead to the price of LEGO not increasing overtime, then why is there a common belief that it has? I have couple hypotheses:

  • Children who were bought LEGO as gifts are now old enough to buy it for themselves and for others as gifts and they are surprised by the price.
  • The advent of collectible LEGO sets and the internet has driven the secondary market of LEGO through the roof.


LEGO is not a cheap toy and has never been. The brand has stood for nothing but the highest quality and hopefully any issues it has had with changes in manufacturing are only the result of temporary growing pains. Next time you are out buying a LEGO set for a loved one or for yourself, take a second to thank everyone who ever bought one for you as a gift.

LEGO. Davey Approved.

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